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2010-09-06 Sawtooth Peak Trail Hike

2010-07-30 Prostitute in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
2010-07-28 27 Waterfalls of Damajaqua, Dominican Republic
2010-07-19 Taking a Gua Gua to the Waterfall of El Limon, Dominican Republic

2009-12-26 The Big Dig, Tokyo, Japan

2008-12-21 Friends, Niang Niang, Indonesia
2008-12-19 The Chocolate Bar, Niang Niang, Indonesia
2008-12-16 Typewriter, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
2008-11-14 Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
2008-11-07 The Dance, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2008-10-26 Higiah, Lombok, Indonesia
2008-10-22 Motorbike Motorbike, Bali, Indonesia
2008-10-18 Good morning everyone! Bali, Indonesia
2008-10-17 Diving, Bali, Indonesia
2008-10-14 Back on the road, Bali, Indonesia

2008-12-10 Village Photographer, Chaing Mai, Thailand
2008-12-01 Wear a Helmet, Raily, Thailand
2008-11-27 The Pool Table, Raily, Thailand
2008-11-18 Taking a plunge, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

2008-11-10 Sleep Time, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2005-09-29 The Frenchman, Itacare, Brazil
2005-08-11 Across the River, Itacare, Brazil
2005-08-01 DJ Boi, Itacare, Brazil
2005-07-30 The Gas Station, Itacare, Brazil
2005-07-15 Sports in Itacare, Brazil
2005-06-27 Back to being a beach bum, Itacare, Brazil

2005-06-12 Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005-05-16 1/2 wine, Salta, Argentina
2005-05-05 Mendoza Zoo, Argentina
2005-04-29 Let�s Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005-04-17 Bloody Hell! Buenos Aires, Argentina

2005-04-04 Playing in the wind, Chile
2005-03-30 Impressions of Puerto Natales, Puerto Monnt and Chaiten, Chile
2005-03-08 The Magic Rainbow, Park National Puyehue, Chile
2005-02-19 Crawling up Volcan Villarrica, Chile
2005-02-07 Welcome to San Pedro de Atocama, Chile

2005-02-05 Geysers of Solar de Uyuni, Bolivia
2005-01-27 When The Saints Come Marching In, Potosi, Bolivia
2005-01-25 Canoeing in a jungle, Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

2005-01-01 New Year's Eve in Cusco, Peru
2004-12-29 Christmas in the desert, Huacachina, Peru
2004-12-26 Treking in Santa Cruz Valley of Cordillera Blanca - Part 3, Peru
2004-12-22 Treking in Santa Cruz Valley of Cordillera Blanca - Part 2, Peru
2004-12-09 Treking in Santa Cruz Valley of Cordillera Blanca - Part 1, Peru
2004-12-08 Chicken bones, Huaraz, Peru
2004-11-30 Just another bus ride to Huaraz, Peru
2004-11-29 Surfing into Mancora, Peru

2004-11-25 Heisenberg�s Uncertainty Principle, Vilcabamba, Ecuador
2004-11-13 Para-gliding in Cruicita, Ecuador
2004-11-07 Yellow hat, Galapagos, Ecuador
2004-11-02 Tour of the Galapagos islands, Ecuador
2004-10-29 Black heart, Galapagos, Ecuador
2004-10-13 Adrenaline dosage of Ba�os, Ecuador
2004-10-05 Volcan Cotopaxi, Ecuador
2004-10-01 Old hippie in Montenita, Ecuador

2004-09-23 It's donuts time in Panama City, Panama
2004-09-21 Ducktape Galore at Playa Venao, Panama
2004-09-10 Fiesta Time at Los Lajos, Panama
2004-08-23 Lightnings strike at Boquete, Panama
2004-08-19 Drunken poolmaster at Bocas del Toro, Panama

2004-08-17 On the tour with Artem and Nurit, Part Two, Costa Rica
2004-08-15 On the tour with Artem and Nurit, Part One, Costa Rica
2004-07-19 It's all about the wave - Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica
2004-07-13 American spring break town, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

2004-06-25 Surfing at Majagual, Nicargua
2004-06-11 Fishing village of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

2004-05-26 Scubadiving off of Utila, Honduras
2004-05-05 First stop - Antigua, Guatemala
2004-04-01 Preparing for the trip - Los Angeles, USA
2004-01-16 Big step - Santa Clara, USA
2003-12-10 This is how it all began - Santa Clara, USA