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Prostitute in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, 2010-07-30


"If a girl spends the whole night, then she'd charge 3000RD (about $100 US). But if it's only for couple of hours, then it'd be 2000RD", explained Carolina about her business. How much do prostitutes charge was a question that Naomi, Artem and I could only guess about, but now we had the answer thanks to Carolina, who sat at our table quite unexpectedly and without invitation. Having done the math (1 girl at a table with 2 guys) she figured that either Artem or I may be a potential customer, so she pulled up a chair, while smiling at us quite charmingly.

From the very first moment it was clear that she was a friendly girl by nature - not due to her profession but simply because she was extroverted and happy to talk in a none threatening environment. Us being shy tourists, created such an environment, not to mention that we were actually quite curious about her. Striking a conversation with any local is a treat but finding out about what's it like to be a hooker is comparable to interviewing an astronaut - you just want to know what's it like to be out there. With that, we all got drinks and continued the conversation.

One of the things that Carolina mentioned was that she lives in Santo Domingo (DR's capital, which was about 30 minutes away) and has a 5 year old child. Her day job is at a hair salon, but since that does not make enough money, she spends the weekends here in Boca Chica. Every so often, she changes towns and goes to Sosua - the sex capital of Dominican Republic - to "keep things fresh", because after a while it gets tiring seeing the same people night after night.

Every now and then Carolina would change the subject back to business and would try to flirt with Artem. She'd ask him why is he so shy, all while playing with the zipper of her purple dress. The dress was clearly too tight for her (on purpose of course) so every minute movement would cause the zipper to open up a little, exposing more of her healthy cleavage. She'd then immediately close the zipper and let out a seductive smile. Artem pretended that he did not speak enough Spanish to understand her, but never the less blushed with full radiance.

Carolina was single so I asked if at some point she would want to find someone to marry. She replied that she does want a guy that would take her off the street. It did not matter to her if he was rich or poor. So long as he had some sort of a job, such as at a construction, that would free her from having to do night work. Her parents did not know how she earns money. Keeping it a secret gave chance to starting off on a clean slate at some point in the future. But saving off enough to get to that point was easier said than done - $100US/night is not a lot, considering that it's rare to find clients while the cost of living in DR is actually quite high...

She shifted the attention back to Artem, asking if he wants something memorable to remember Dominican Republic by. Seeing him turn red again, I intervened with a suggestion - "why don't we take a photo?!" With that, Carolina smushed closer to Artem, giving her another chance to run her hand up his leg:

conversation with a hooker in boca chica dominican republic