Planet Hiker
2005-06-27 Back to being a beach bum, Itacare, Brazil

The plan was to travel around in Brazil for a while till I find a nice spot for surfing and a book exchange near by. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to traveling... The very first stop I made was exactly what I was looking for. Thus, without seeing the rest of Brazil, I parked in a small fishing village called Itacare. Well OK, I did see just a bit of Brazil (Iguassu and Rio) when my parents were here, but other than that my experience has been framed by two surfing beaches and a dock full of canoes and fishing vessels. I am hardly aware that over two weeks have now past as days seem to roll from one into another with tide shifts being the only hint that it's a different day.

Apart from surfing, I spent a lot of time on the fishing dock with my camera ready at hand. Actually, I found that the best way of approaching people is not with the camera pointed at them. Instead, I keep everything in the backpack and just come by as if I am wandering around. Then I spend some time just sitting and watching what people are up to, make several eye contacts, smile and even through in a comment or two, asking about the catch. In a few more minutes they forget about me and it is then that I take out the camera along with the tripod, set everything up and prepare for my catch. The idea that I am waiting for something special makes cents to fisherman and they accept me into their environment as if I am one of them.

The strange thing about Itacare is that people are poor here (for most part) but are very relaxed. Like, it is safe to leave your stuff on the beach while going out surfing. Of course, I never leave anything on the beach (lesson learned in Nicaragua) but still, it's nice to know that other people do. Ironically, back in Rio de Janeiro, you don't even need to "leave" your stuff on the beach of Copacabana to loose it. There, the city is divided into rich and poor sections, which induces crime. While here in Itacare, everyone is poor and there is nothing to worry about.

Here are some shots that my Dad took of Iguassu falls (Argentinian side):

Brazilian side: