Planet Hiker
2004-11-29 Surfing into Mancora, Peru

I have sold my surfboard... I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, but it was still hard to be breaking the special bond that developed during the months of carrying the faithful companion under my armpit. Mancara, Peru, was the most convenient place for me to sell it since it's a popular tourist destination, presenting the best chance of running into someone interested in learning how to surf. Not to mention that I did not mind sticking around for a few days in a beach town where I could surf in the mornings and read a book during the day while enjoying a beautiful sunny weather.

Thus, for couple of days I kept going to the same bar-restaurant where I could put the board by the entrance, next to where the menu was posted, and have a corner table to myself for reading. Most locals soon new that there was a board for sale, but none of them would even try bargaining with me. The price was in fact fair but since I was in no hurry to leave, there was no reason for me to be radically slashing the price. Not yet at least. So they hang back, waiting for my patience to run down. To be honest, by the end of the second day my patience was in fact running down... Dark thoughts like "May be I should head off to Lima and try selling it there" were creeping in to my mind. But selling it in Lima would mean that I'd have to drag the board around in an large busy city with nowhere near the tranquil atmosphere of Mancara. So I did my best ignoring the smirks that the locals were throwing at me and continued showing up in the same bar-restaurant day and day after.

Then, one morning, when I was out surfing, a photographer came to the beach and began taking photos. When I paddled back to the beach he excitedly announced that he managed to take a shot of me surfing and that he would email it to me for mere 10 Sols. I forked out the cache and though that it would be funny if the board was to be sold later on today, as this would be the only photo to remind me of that last 6 months of surfing. Sure enough, I sold the board later on that day.