Planet Hiker
2004-11-25 Heisenberg´s Uncertainty Principle, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

I was hiking in the nearby hills of Vilcabamba when 3 butterflies came racing across. They were small, with the wing span of no more than half an inch, and colored ... indeterminably - I was watching them and could not figure out whether the flickers were of light yellow or light blue or may be light green? I know that the wings were not pure white, there was a shade of color to them, but their movement was somehow blurring in colors of the surrounding flowers. It was this movement that I was completely mesmerized by. Each butterfly would make a quick flap of its wings and then glide for may be a half a second. My eyes were not fast enough to see the wings move. All I knew that the butterfly would vanish and then reappear a short distance away from where it was. It was impossible to guess where exactly the butterfly would appear. Its position was being randomly determined by the little forces acting on the wings, the air currents running in between the flower-petals, the push of the sun's rays and may be even by my observations. All I could tell is that the butterflies were flying close to each other and constantly mixing in themselves. This fuzzy entity moved from one flower to another, never stopping or loosing it's rhythm.

Suddenly, one of the butterflies separated from the other two. In anticipation that the solitary butterfly is going to try to catch up, my eyes moved in the direction of the group and for couple of seconds, I was seeing the solitary creature actually flying. It was still disappearing with each wing flicker, but I could predict better where it was going to reappear and that was just enough for my brain to constitute flight. But as soon as the butterfly came close to the other two, the uncertainty set in and once again I was watching a magical entity playing by my feet.