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2004-08-17 On the tour with Artem and Nurit, Part Two, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is somewhat in the middle of the country. After being in one place for SUCH a long time (3 days), we had to hop on the bus and ride all the way to the south pacific end of the country, to a world renown park called Corcovado. Apparently something like 90% of all species in Costa Rica are found in Corcovado, plus the park is position along a coast with beautiful black sand beaches. And, this is what sold me, there is surf. So the idea was that while Artem and Nurit are hiking, I would be surfing.

After a long and shaky ride in the back of a pickup truck, we arrived at the end of the road, to be told that the rest of the way you have to walk. And of course, it starts to rain. So after spending another hour carrying heavy backpacks on the beach (plus a surf board), we get to first resort, which of course is full, not to mention that it normally charges something like $50 for a tent (yep, a tent). So we continued for the only other resort, which is cheaper, but is also full. But that's where our luck began to change apparentlyly, someone is planning to open a third resort, but nothing is yetsett upp,exceptt for 3 extra tents. The care taker of the resort to be turned out to be this 22 year old "kid" Josh, who rented the tents for us for $7.50, including food. Now this sounded a lot more the kind of camping I am used to.

As far as the park itself - it must have been wonderful, but we never actually went into it, even though we were literally 50 meters away. We did hiked around it, there really was not point of going in, as the terrain around was just the same.

The final destination that we hit was Cahuita - little village on the Caribbean side. I think what we were most exited about was trying out some of Caribbean cooking. Turns out that if you want to prepare an authentic Caribbean dish, all you have to do is follow these steps:
#1 Prepare what ever you were going to prepare in the first place (like chicken or something).
#2 Take a break for an hour. You can watch TV, go to sleep - what ever suits you.
#3 Add some coconut to the dish and it's ready to be served.

So we became accustomed to going to restaurants about an hour before we are actually hungry. Hey tranquilo man, it's all good . To conclude our culinary adventures, my brother and Nurit treated me to a lobster dinner. Ummmm, now that was worth the wait!
The Spanish girls:

Here are couple of pictures courtesy of Nurit: