Planet Hiker
2004-07-19 It's all about the wave - Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica

For the last 10 days or so, I have been camping on the beach of Playa Avellanas (a few miles north of Playa Negra). Actually, it was the backyard of a "house" owned by an old woman by the name Selsia. Now a days, there is a law that you can't build anything within 300m of the beach. But this property was fenced years ago, and so the beach extends all the way to the porch (I should clarify that the house consisted of a few wooden planks slapped together around a bed. But this was still way more advanced than some other other places that I have stayed as there was actually electricity wired in). There are couple of other hostels within walking distance, but not much else. So basically, the time spent was all about surfing the waves, exploring the nearby beaches and enjoying magnificent sunsets over the ocean.

A small group of local surfers was camping along side with me. It was good to finally having to speak Spanish! They were a really good company. During the day we were cheering each other on the rough waves and in the evenings we were preparing dinner over a wood burning fire, followed by session of poker, using white and black pebbles.

After a few days, Selsia had to leave for Santa Cruz for a few weeks. So she packed all of the valuables, which amounted to a plastic box, slightly larger than the ones used for transporting beer bottles and a fan. She then left the keys to us. Just to be sure that everything will be ok, we were given a demostration on how to fish. So, we were having fresh fish and pasta for dinners from that pointy on.

One of the most notable things that happened to me is that I realized that I was not really traveling any more... The feeling of being on the road was no longer there. I was not planning for the next destination or thinking about the amount of time I spent here. I was just living on the beach.