Planet Hiker
2004-06-25 Surfing at Majagual, Nicargua

Don't remember number of days ago it was but, I made it to Bahia Majagual - a surf resort if I can call it. Basically, it's a ranch located right on the beach. There is a bar/restaurant and a surf shop with different types of boards that you can rent. At first I was thinking about staying there for couple of days to try out this whole surfing business. Two weeks later I was still there, surfing every single day for at last 4 hours (often more, till the point where my body just could not take it any more). But in the end, I was surfing 7-8 feet waves right along with the big boys. Ok, Ok, the board that I was using was one of those huge 9 footers. But still, that was real surfing and I have a feeling that it changed my whole approach to traveling. At the moment I am taking a small brake from surfing - I came to island Ometepe to hike couple of mountains here. However, the next destination is Tamarindo, Costa Rica - surf capital of the Central America. And then there are few more surfing villages on the list that I am thinking of visiting. For that matter, the only reason why I left Majagual in the first place was because I wanted to buy a surf board but there wasn't one that would fit me (I need something in the order of 6'10'', wide and 2.5" thick).

OK, since I am at it, I should mention that Majagual is a gorgeous coast line, with cliffs piercing the ocean while mingling with the pristine jungle. There are Haul monkeys high up in the trees, armies of crabs down on the ground, along with bull frogs, lizards, and strange insects (whooff, you won't believe the size of some of these suckers). I was camping here, so it was costing me only $2 per night. The food was a bit more expensive - about $4 per plate. But it was good and you can always ask for seconds.

OH! Almost forgot (ummmm, yeah) - I celebrated birthday couple of days ago (this was after another looong day of surfing of course). Since there really nothing else developed around, I had to settle for Oreos instead of a birthday cake. But there was lots of rum involved was well as shots of locally bred alcohol... One interesting fact that I did confirm is that I don't get hangovers. Before I was never quite sure about it as there was the possibility that I just did not drink enough. But this time that possibility was investigated thoroughly, hehehe.