Planet Hiker
2004-06-11 Fishing village of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

It's been two months that I am on the road so this is a good point to summarize a bit what traveling has been all about. The food has been great - I have been eating mangoes every single day with no exceptions. Ordering juices at restaurants means that some lady will get a few oranges/papayas/other/ and hand squeeze them into a tall glass. After ordering fries, you hear the potatoes being cut with a knife on a wooden board. Platanas are the best - fries bananas, yum! And yeah, everything is dirt cheap. A full meal with a drink typically costs about $4 at a restaurant. When eating at "commodores", it more like $1.5.

Actually, here is another interesting fact that may inspire you to do some traveling - during the last two months I spent just under $2000 all together. Meaning, it's $1000 per month - and this is with scuba-diving and everything!

I have come to conclusion that cities themselves are not all that interesting to me. I have been to a few, some of the most recommended ones in fact, and really, buildings are just buildings. On the other hand, hiking active volcanoes, swimming in secluded lakes, exploring ancient ruins, has been way more interesting. So yeah, I got to concentrate on doing outdoorsy stuff more.

Another neat thing about traveling with no particular time limit in mind is that, I don't have to plan ahead more than couple of hours in advance. If I ran into someone interesting enough to talk to or may be play a game of pool, I have no problems at all staying in that town for another day, or two. Plus, not having to rush through any place means that I see a lot more than someone who budgets his/her visits to a certain amount of time.

Well OK, at this point I am in southern part of Nicaragua, San Juan Del Sur. There are some of the worlds finest surfing beaches around here, so I am thinking of sticking around for a few days and learning to serf. After that,... who knows, but probably I'll continue to Costa Rica.