Planet Hiker
2004-05-26 Scubadiving off of Utila, Honduras

As planned I ended up going south to Honduras and scuba diving off of an island called Utila. Hands down, this has been the best thing I have done on this trip. I did image that scuba is cool and all, but I was totally unprepared to face what was coming my way... It's like, scuba is the materialization of the dream where you get to fly. There is no effort involved here. A gentle push of the fins and you are gliding over in any direction you choose. You can stop, hover over the same spot using nothing more than the energy it take to take a breath. Being able to witness the wanders of life of the see is great - there are fish and coral of colors, shapes and proportions that simply don't unimaginable to us earthly creatures. But what struck me the most, the feeling of freedom that I never even imagined possible to experience.

So after spending a week in a dream, I packed my bag and left for Nicaragua, knowing that it wont be long till the urge to fly drays me to the coast. So now I am in Granada - a beautiful town in Nicaragua, very much like Antigua in Guatemala. It's clean and neat, full of budget travelers, with a lush market on the side of the town full of life, colors and strange mixes of aromas. I am planning to explore more the area around town. There is an island off of the near by lake that is formed by the eruption of two volcanoes. I hear there are wonderful hikes await me there.