Planet Hiker
2004-05-05 First stop - Antigua, Guatemala

For the last 3 weeks I have been traveling through Guatemala. Obviously, there are a tonn of experiences to tell about and I´ll only be able to mention just a few. But here it goes... The first two weeks i was in Antigua, learning spanish and hiking near by mountains. Antigua itself is a realy one of a kind place. It´s a very popular destination for tourists to learn spanish (the town itself could be crossed by foot in about 15 mins yet there are in th eorder of 80 different spanish schools here). So outside of the school halls, there is little Spanish spoken at all, hehehe. But it´s a lot of fun. Pretty much every single night, I was ‘going out’ for salsaing and hanging out with other travelers.

After Antigue I started traveling north andrun into one of the most beautiful places I have every been to – Semuc Champain, a series of pools in a national park, with cristal clear waters. Camping there enabled me to wake up with the forest before sunrise and take swims at night when none else was there.

At the moment I am in a town called Flores, awaiting a bus for Tical – used to be the center of Mian civilazation. From what I have been told, Tical is one of the most impressive ruins to see. After that, I’ll be heading south. I am planning to learn scubadiving off of the islands in Honduras and then explore Galapagos Islands.