Planet Hiker
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Backpacking in countries around the world

Planet Hiker is a blog with travel tips for backpacking in South America as well as countries in South East Asia, such as Thailand and Indonesia. You are invited to read the anecdotal stories in the travel blog section, as well as view the photographs taken during the journeys.

The travels began in 2004, when I left my software engineering job in Silicon Valley and started backpacking from Guatemala, going south through Central and South American countries. Eventually the journey took me all the way to the southern tip of Chile, Patagonia and then back up north, through Brazil. The next major excursion took place a few years later in South East Asia, which included a lot of surfing in Indonesia, rock climbing in Thailand and various other adventures in some of the most amazing travel destinations around the world.

Apart from entertainment you may also find useful the list of equipment used during travels. This is the exact packing list used for backpacking in South America as well as South East Asia. Note also that the packing list is categorized so that you can just pick the minimum items for the type of travel you are doing.

Here is the map of places backpacked to date. As far as the next country - check back soon to find out!