Planet Hiker
I began traveling in 2004, having sold everything I had (except for a few boxes of books, left in my parent's garage). The starting point was Antigua, Guatemala, where I took Spanish lessons for coupe of weeks before embarking on backpacking thorough most counties in Central and South America. It took a year and a half to travel to the southern most tip of South America following the west coast, and then back up north via the east coast, visiting 11 countries in the process.

Ever since then I have been traveling to various other countries around the glob, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Japan and Dominican Republic and I hope to continue exploring for years to come - there is a lot to see in this word!

-Andre Violentyev

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In grand tradition of providing links to friend's pages, here are some URLs that people have sent me. If you got a page, email me to be listed here:

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