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BurningMan Checklist - list of things to take with you to BurningMan festival

Burningman Festival
Burningman 2011
Burningman 2009
Burningman 2008
Burningman 2007
Burningman 2006

Around the Camp:
beach chairs - nice to sit around
hammock - can hook up to a dome someplace
utility rope for tying stuff down
sleeping bag - 30 degree Fahrenheit
sleeping mat
air pillow
tarp - to use as shade over the tent
tool box - pliers, screw drivers, etc.
cooking pot - large enough to cook pasta for 2 people
cooking stove
cooking gas - 3 cans
coffee mug
plastic storage crates - keep your clothes and food in
trash bags - 3 or 4
Burningman Toiletry:
Visene eye drops
chopstick lip balm
dairy pills
shaving blade and soap
toilet paper - there is some at the playa but just in case
baby wipes - 70 sheets per person
Burningman Clothing/Wearable:
shorts - 2 pairs
underwear - x7
socks - x7
t-shirts - x7
utility gloves
rain/wind breaker
hiking boots - best if they are old and you are OK with them getting destroyed
large handkerchief or scarf for neck tie/ornament
ski goggles - very important! Make sure they fit well so as not to let dust in during a dust storm
headlamp (with fresh batteries)
dust mask - x3, get the kind with a exhale valve (look to spend about $4 per mask)
Burningman Food:
Water - 10 Gallons per person (you can go as low as 5 Gallons if you can go with out showering)
jello with fruits - 3 per day
apple sauce - x5
chocolate peanut butter
peanut butter
tea - x30 teabags
sugar/honey - x30 packets
cookies - x50
Dinner & Lunch
Ramen type noodles in a bowl - 10 (assuming you are bringing other dinner style foods)
Indian instant food - in combination with Ramen noodles will serve as main course food
precooked wild rice from Trader Joes - 1 per Indian food package
beef jerky - x3 packets
tuna - 4 cans
chips - 2 bags
avocado - 2 per person
rice crispies
cash $100 - gas money, coffee, ice, etc.
ticket printouts & notice of will call
map and directions printout
camera & film & tripod
art project - be creative!
gifts, such as cookies, or whatever your heart desires
glow sticks - for fun cruising on the playa at night